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The Power of Insight The Rapid7 Insight platform collects data from across your environment, making it easy for teams to manage vulnerabilities, monitor user behavior, search logs, and more.


Drive Vaccine

  • Prioritize Your Vulnerability Risk
  • Secure Apps, Accelerate Innovation
  • Detect Threats, Respond with Context
  • Get Answers from Your Logs


Drive Vaccine

Benefits & Features

  • Rapid7’s vulnerability management solutions go way beyond scanning…. Some even say we’ve created the vuln management of the future.
  • Continuous Endpoint Monitoring - The Rapid7 Insight Agent automatically collects data from all your endpoints, even those from remote workers and sensitive assets that cannot be actively scanned, or that rarely join the corporate network.
  • Liveboards - Most software dashboards are static: a snapshot of your risk at a particular time, unclickable and instantly out of date. InsightVM Liveboards are live and interactive by nature. You can easily create custom cards and full dashboards for anyone—from system admins to CISOs—and query each card with simple language to track progress of your security program.
  • Attacker-Based Risk Analysis - CVSS-based risk scores result in thousands of "critical" vulnerabilities. No business, even one with an army of analysts, has the time for that. Our Real Risk Score provides a more actionable, 1-1000 scale based on the likeliness of an attacker exploiting the vulnerability in a real attack. Backed up by threat feeds and business context, InsightVM lets you prioritize vulnerabilities the way attackers would.
  • Live Remediation Planning - Trash the thousand-page remediation reports, complex spreadsheets, and confusing back-and-forth email tag. With Remediation Workflows, security teams can assign and track remediation duties in real time, providing continuous visibility into how well issues are being fixed. Take it one step further by integrating InsightVM directly with IT's ticketing systems to fold remediation seamlessly into their daily workload.
  • Cloud, Virtual, and Container Assessment - The modern network is constantly changing. InsightVM integrates with cloud services, virtual infrastructure, and container repositories to make sure you don't miss any new devices that are brought online. The gist of it all? You get full visibility into the risk across your physical, virtual, cloud, and application infrastructure.

Applications can be delivered both fast and secure with the right technology and processes in place. Learn how we bring Security and DevOps together seamlessly with our application security solutions.
  • Modern Workflows - InsightAppSec’s clean user interface and intuitive workflows make it easy to manage and scan your apps, analyze results, and generate reports. And because it’s built on the Rapid7 Insight platform, nothing needs to be installed on premise—just log in and start scanning.
  • On-Premise Scanning - InsightAppSec lives in the cloud; however, it can also scan your internal and pre-production web applications with the help of a lightweight scan engine deployed on-premise. Simply download the engine installer directly from InsightAppSec, install and pair with your InsightAppSec instance, and your internal non-internet facing web applications can be tested with the same powerful technology used in InsightAppSec’s cloud engines. Scan results from internal application scans are stored in the cloud so that all of your vulnerability results and reports can be accessed from the same console.
  • Universal Translator - InsightAppSec leverages Rapid7’s industry-leading and proven DAST scan engine, and our Universal Translator understands the formats, protocols, and development technologies used in modern mobile and browser-based applications. Whether analyzing data from a traditional name::value pair crawl or traffic captured within a proxy capture for modern apps, the Universal Translator normalizes traffic and attacks your application to uncover vulnerabilities.
  • Live Vulnerability View - Live Vulnerability View provides unprecedented power and flexibility to manage application vulnerabilities. InsightAppSec provides a live view of your applications’ vulnerabilities, not just those detected by a point-in-time scan. It also provides context around each vulnerability—such as how often it’s been detected and in which scans—to help with prioritization. The intuitive search interface makes it quick and simple to identify the vulnerabilities that matter most. And since vulnerabilities aren’t always handled the same way, users can update the severity and status of any vulnerability to better reflect their priorities.
  • Attack Replay - Attack Replay empowers your developers to confirm a vulnerability on their own without needing to run a scan. Sometimes providing a static report isn’t enough to prove a vulnerability exists—developers need an easy way to reproduce an issue, and Attack Replay provides that capability. After developers have implemented a fix for the vulnerability, they can immediately test their work with Attack Replay, helping them to quickly close out their tickets and simultaneously reduce application security risk.
  • Ticketing System Integration - By integrating with ticketing systems like JIRA, InsightAppSec makes sure your developers are notified early of new vulnerabilities detected in the applications they build in workflows they’re accustomed to. Combine a ticketing system integration with InsightAppSec’s Attack Replay and you get a powerful solution that reduces the friction between security and development teams and speeds you toward remediation.
  • Application Portfolios - Pre-production vs. production, HTTP vs HTTPS. Every application has multiple instances, but managing scans across those instances doesn’t have to a burden. InsightAppSec makes managing scans and understanding application risk a breeze by organizing scan configurations and results into “apps,” which logically group app instances and scan results into a single view.

Detect intruders earlier in the attack chain. Learn about the solution that Gartner positioned highest among Visionaries in the 2017 SIEM Magic Quadrant.
  • Attacker Behavior Analytics - InsightIDR is the only SIEM that combines machine learning and ongoing human input to surface attacks as early as possible. Our global security analysts and threat intelligence teams are continually building new behavioral detections as part of our incident investigation process. And our SOCs have a direct conduit to the Rapid7 Insight platform—if a new attacker technique is discovered, a new detection can automatically match against your data within hours. These aren’t out-of-the-box rules—these are finely tuned analytics that will evolve with attackers.
  • User Behavior Analytics - In 2017, the use of stolen credentials was the top action behind confirmed breaches. Attackers are compromising assets not only via malware, but by laterally moving between them with credentials stolen by traffic manipulation, hash extraction, a­­nd other stealthy techniques. By continuously baselining healthy user activity in your org, InsightIDR reliably detects attackers impersonating as employees to laterally move across your internal network.
  • Log Correlation, Enrichment, and Search - Scratch endlessly searching logs, writing convoluted queries, and hiring certified data splunkers off your to-do list. InsightIDR correlates the millions of daily events in your environment directly to the users and assets behind them to highlight risk across your org and prioritize where to search. And our cloud-based architecture delivers a smooth search across your logs and automates compliance without worrying about racks of hardware.
  • Endpoint Detection and Visibility - From our continuous research on attacker behavior, we understand just how frequently endpoints are exploited and the magnitude of work it takes to monitor them—especially when employees are off your corporate network. That’s why InsightIDR comes standard with a blend of Insight Agents and Endpoint Scans, to arm you with real-time detection and the ability to proactively hunt for answers.
  • Visual Investigation Timeline - If you’re like the 62% of organizations who report getting more alerts than they can investigate, you’re all too familiar with piecing together user activity, gathering endpoint data, and validating known good behavior just to uncover yet another false positive. InsightIDR unites log search, user behavior, and endpoint data in a single timeline to help you make better, faster decisions. How much faster? Customers report accelerating their investigations by as much as 20x.
  • Deception Technology - Monitoring solutions that only analyze log files leave traces of the attacker unfound. InsightIDR provides not only UBA and Endpoint Detection, but easy-to-deploy Intruder Traps. These include Honeypots, Honey Users, Honey Credentials, and Honey Files, all crafted to identify malicious behavior earlier in the attack chain.

The answers you need are in your data. Get your data talking with the power of combined live endpoint visibility and log analytics. Log management—and getting the insight you need—is easier than you think.
  • Visual Search - When it comes to troubleshooting, knowing where to start isn't always easy. InsightOps Visual Search automatically visualizes top trends appearing in your data. Simply click to drill in and out of datasets, helping you identify trends and anomalies related to an issue.
  • Endpoint Interrogator - Sometimes you need answers beyond what traditional logs can provide. What processes are running on a particular server? Which user was last logged into a specific workstation? With Endpoint Interrogator, you can ask specific questions of your IT assets for immediate answers.
  • Live Streaming and Alerts - Whether you’re troubleshooting a network outage, migrating a database, or deploying production code, live visibility matters. The universal Insight Agent live-streams data from assets, alerting you to issues within seconds.
  • Liveboards - Why force live data into static dashboards? With Liveboards, your data is automatically refreshed to keep you up-to-speed with custom and out-of-the-box data visualizations.
  • Reports - Generate ad-hoc reports to share with your team or auditors. Schedule recurring reports that are automatically saved to your reports archive for compliance.
  • APIs and Integrations - Get your work done even faster with the InsightOps REST API and Command Line Interface. Query data, automate alerts, and more, using our well-documented API.
  • Normalized Data - InsightOps automatically normalizes your unstructured data, making it easy to analyze. Watch as unstructured data is automatically structured into one consistent format. InsightOps data normalization helps you spend less time searching for answers.



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